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Damien Launoy

Director of

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Laura de Buyer


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Martin Palomar


Hugo Vallette Viallard

Damien Launoy

Fabien Monsallier

Director of Innovation at La Banque Postale and Managing Director of 115K
A graduate of the ENSPTT, he previously held management positions within the La Poste Network as Strategy Director, Business Unit Director and Innovation Director. He then led the transformation of the post office network between 2008 and 2013 and the launch of the La Poste Mobile project in 2011. In 2010, he co-founded, the first French online optician.
He then set up the innovation department of La Banque Postale and manages platform58, La Banque Postale's fintech incubator. This innovation center installed on 3200m2 in the center of Paris supports more than 40 innovative projects in the field of banking, insurance and cyber.


Damien Launoy

Investment Director
A graduate of HEC in 2013, after a Masters in Banking Finance and the Institute of Business Law at the University of Paris II-Assas in 2010, Damien has a 360 vision of the innovation financing chain in France. After having been an entrepreneur from 2013 to 2015, he became VC early stage at Generis Capital in 2015 then VC late stage at Bpifrance in 2019 where he is Investment Director within the Large Venture fund. Damien has carried out more than twenty Venture operations and followed or sat on the board of numerous Fintechs (Finexkap, iBanFirst, Cartan Trade, etc.).
At the beginning of 2022, he joined the Banque Postale to take over the management of investments for 115K.


Laura de Buyer

investment manager
A graduate of HEC in 2013, Laure joined the La Poste group as part of its Graduate Program as an establishment director. She joined La Banque Postale in 2017 as chief of staff to the director of retail banking and CEO of the La Poste network. In 2020, she joined the strategy department, mainly in charge of the group's 2021-2030 strategic plan.

At the end of 2021, she participated in the creation of 115K, which she joined when it was created as investment manager alongside Damien Launoy.

Hugo Vallette Viallard

Hugo (Skema Business School) joined 115K in May 2022, after experience in deal advisory at KPMG, where he notably worked on the Top Tech Tomorrow barometer, and has experience as a Private Equity analyst at Axonia Partners.

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